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Waiting Room came to be in mid 2010 from both experienced backgrounds and fresh beginnings, soon after devising their own slant on melodic hardcore punk. Off the back of a four-track demo the five-piece began gigging all over town, with a song soon after featured on the 'This Is Brisbane' compilation alongside many of the city’s finest up-and-coming hardcore groups. Their self-titled EP is seven tracks of truly passionate punk rock that shines above with bouncy riffs, metallic tinges, harrowing screams and even slightly progressive inclinations. Recorded on the Gold Coast by Sam Saljooghi (Ghost Town), the EP is currently the USA being mixed and mastered by the hands of John Naclerio, who has previously worked with the likes of Shai Hulud, Polar Bear Club, Brand New and dozens more. For now, two of Waiting Room’s unmixed and unmastered tracks are available for streaming and are downloadable with a pre-order via Bandcamp. ‘Hold Fast’ shows the band’s catchier side, with Fires of Waco frontman Allan Reid lending his throat to the chorus, while ‘Celaphais’ sees them exploring heavier and darker sounds with some backing screams from Capeweather’s Connor Hallam. Lyrics to both these songs can be read on the site. The band will play two launch shows in September, with interstate journeys expected to follow before the year’s end.


released September 1, 2011



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Waiting Room Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia.

Jackson McCutcheon - drums
Lee Morrison - vocals
Christopher Phengrasmy - guitars
Nathan Phengrasmy - guitars
Daniel Hullick - bass

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Track Name: Hold Fast
This monkey's on my back, and there's wolves at my front door. It seems it's been this way for years. Each time I figure it out it rearranges on me. Time slips again. I don't know what I'm supposed to do and it scares the living hell out of me. So I keep on my path and keep straight ahead. This may be all I get and if that's the way it is, then I'll do my best to keep these demons at bay. This will not engulf me. There's no going back this time, what could they possibly say? I march on broken feet, sing out of tune, through this city street.
Track Name: Celephais
I'm down again and I'm drunk again, and I lost the keys to the front door so I'm sleeping outside again. While the drunks stumble on home and streetlights invade my dreams again and again and again. I swear this pain in my chest and shortness of breath is not entirely caused by boredom induced bongs and cigarettes. So please let me down gently or maybe I'll just show myself out. (Bury my thoughts in sleep) Someone told me that I didn't seem all there, so I checked (my head) but I couldn't find me anywhere. So I got stoned, tried to rewire my brain to atone but I got bored, so I lost myself some more. Every night I make my escape, every night I quit this place. Every night I erase the world and I wake up alone.